Determining the Amount of Dog Food Needed For Your Dog

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The pet dog has the same nutritional needs as any other dog.  The only difference is the reduced number of calories it uses because of the type of life a dog leads as a household pet.  The house dog living exclusively indoors is probably one of the least active animals in the world.  In some instances the house dog is more inactive than its owner.

Most of a house dog's time is spent sleeping.  Its greatest effort, in many instances, consists of a 10-foot walk from the back door three times a day for eliminations, and a 10-foot walk from the family room couch to its food bowl in the kitchen.  As a consequence the house dog is the most overfed and suffers from the greatest overweight problems of all the house-pets.

The dog that spends most of its daylight activities outdoors, but comes in at night, has a higher energy need than the pet kept indoors constantly.  Not only does it get more exercise, but it requires extra energy to maintain its body temperature during cooler weather outdoors.  Even with such additional requirements it is not uncommon to find indoor/outdoor pets that are fed too much and are borderline overweight. All dogs will need a low calorie dog food to help to eliminate the risks associated with obesity.

The dog that stays outdoors all of the time is the pet least likely to develop obesity.  As an outdoor dog it enjoys the same, or more exercise as the indoors/outdoors dog.  In addition, outdoor dogs have a considerably increased need for energy to maintain body heat.

This need for extra energy for body heat becomes especially high at night and in colder weather.  In fact, there are occasional instances where outdoor dogs, when improperly fed, begin to appear just like the undernourished farm hounds of a past era of dog feeding.

Calculation: The quantity of dog food a house dog needs is determined by the same things that determine the amount of food any other dog eat, which is its optimum body weight and the caloric density of the food it eats.  The amount is calculated in the same manner as for other dogs.  Determine the number of calories a dog needs daily to maintain its optimum weight.  Then divide that number by the number of calories in a pound of food you are feeding.  The results will be the quantity of food you should feed, measured in pounds.

4 Important Tips When Feeding Your Dog

Rule 1: A dog should be fed by the same person at every feeding.  This rule is not nearly as important where a couple of house pets are being fed by several members of the same family, as it is where large numbers of dogs are being fed by numerous different kennel personnel.  It is particularly applicable where dogs are in strange environments such as boarding kennels, veterinary hospitals, or show arenas. Dogs that have become accustomed to one feeder may exhibit all sorts of erratic eating behavior if that person is changed.

Rule 2: Every dog should have its own food and water container.  This precaution is not only sound behavioral psychology, it also is just plain good hygiene.  It is especially wise to assign food bowls on an individual basis when your feeding containers are noticeably different from one another.  Besides improved feeding technique, certain practical benefits are to be gained from following this rule.  In racing stables, for example, where maintenance of body weight is so important, feeding instructions can be written on the bottom or the side of each dog's feeding container, right next to its name or number.

Rule 3: A dog should be fed in the same place every time it is fed.  Whether it be the corner of the kitchen, beside the back-door steps, at the rear of a kennel run, or along the left-side wall of a cage, the site where the food container is placed should remain the same every day.  In fact, everything that's done with the food container should be identical at each feeding.  lf you use a push cart or wagon to carry the tub of food to the dogs, always use the same cart and tub. lf you pre-fill food bowls in the diet kitchen and carry them on the cart, don't decide one day to carry the tub of food on the cart and fill each bowl as you reach the dog.  It may have become boring to you, but to your dog it has become the way of life.  A change only serves to disrupt his way of life and to create cause for insecurity.

Rule 4: No dog should ever have its food changed without a good reason.  Contrary to popular opinion, dogs do not need a change in dog food from time to time to keep them from growing tired of the same food all the time.  Many dogs have lived normal, healthy lives by eating the same food throughout their entire lifetimes.  In many instances where a dog owner thinks a dog has gotten sick and tired of a food, the dog has just gotten sick from the food.  Not so sick, perhaps, that it really showed, but sick enough to stop eating.  When a dog food is deficient, it is not uncommon for a dog eating that food to lose its appetite.  Of course, nutritional deficiencies are not the only thing that will cause a dog to lose its appetite.

Essential Dog Food Sustenance for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The amount of food your family dog needs is not only determined by its quantity, but also the food must be providing all of your dog’s nutritional needs. First of all let’s not fool ourselves by suggesting that your family dog should be eating food which is prepared for humans, in many instances the food contains all kinds of unhealthy additives – artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners and many more unhealthy additives. Dehydrated dog food includes the full complement of the essential ingredients which is a raw natural dog food.

First of all there being a vast difference between human’s digestive system and the digestive system of our favored canine family pet. Humans chew their food with the chewed food taking the consistency of paste, as chewing releases saliva and this saliva mixed within the food contents inside the humans mouth, begins the important digestible process and continued by adding increased concentrations of digestive fluids within the human stomach.

In contrast, the canine bites chunks off the food and these largish lumps of food travel undigested to the digestive fluids within the canine’s stomach. Whereby extremely powerful acids – if a human hand came in contact with this powerful acid there would be severe burns, is now utilized to convert the raw contents to digestible fluids and thus enter the blood stream through absorption.

Incidentally, your canine companion must receive 23 essential ingredients per day and every day, as this will ensure your canine companion remains in full health and full of vitality. A deficiency of any of these 23 essential ingredients – essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential trace elements will in the short to long term culminate in your loyal family canine becoming ill through many mal-nutritional diseases – for example Hip Dysplasia. It is crucial you conduct your due diligence concerning the feeding regime of your family pet, by judiciously researching the correct daily dog food mix that contains your canine’s 23 essential ingredients and feed continuously to ensure your family pet dog remains healthy throughout his entire life – not suffering from deficiency diseases.

Canines must be fed on a daily basis a dog food which readily contains the 23 essential ingredients. The only diet which will satisfy your canine’s daily diet will be feeding him raw natural dog food mix – which ingredients is specifically  selected for your canine’s digestive system, containing meat, vegetables and fruit and will guarantee supplying your precious family dog the crucial 23 essential ingredients. I suggest you research Acana Dog Food which is a dehydrated dog food and fortunately is also a low calorie dog food which can also alleviate the risks associated with dog obesity.

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