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Bay Area 2nd Mom, Inc. is the premier referral agency for In-Home Care and a resource of caregivers for hotels, corporations, and other community organizations. Bay Area 2nd Mom, Inc. was established in 1983 as a referral agency and we serve the Greater San Francisco Bay Area covering nine counties. Our motto is to provide quality care when you can't be there. Our experienced and capable staff screens applicants and provides professional training to selected candidates to better satisfy the needs of the client. Our requirements of the caregivers are designed to offer you a selection of highly suitable candidates. Pre-screened candidates are available for immediate service. These candidates can provide Child Care services, Adult Care, Personal Assistance, and Household Staffing. Please view our services page to see the full range of our options. We ARE members of many wonderful and true organizations, such as The International Nanny Association (INA), Various local Chambers of Commerce namely Palo Alto and Emeryville, and are registered with the State of California as a caregiver placement agency. We ARE NOT, members, of the soon to be posted list of organizations who drift far from the ethical and business objectives nanny agencies with integrity strive to meet. Quality Service We are committed to excellence in referring only carefully screened, fully qualified and reliable Caretakers and Household Staff for your family. All of our referrals are highly experienced, English speaking or bi-lingual, and are personally interviewed by us. Additionally, we do extensive background checks, including DMV printouts, checking references, Social Security traces, fingerprints, and two criminal background checks. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the care of your family and home. What We Do: We assist families, hotels, and corporations: • Find nannies for their children • Find caretakers for older adults • Find personal assistance services • Find household staff We also help caretakers find employment by providing: • Job Placement • Career related training • On-going counseling • Orientations To ensure the mutual success of both our clients and our applicants, Bay Area 2nd Mom, Inc. utilizes many techniques including personal interviews, orientations, private consultations, written job descriptions, objective client-applicant interviews, candidate portfolios, and thorough follow-up care, including trial periods prior to long term placement. Don’t Give Us The Silent Treatment… Please Let Us Know You Found Us At Gay & Lesbian (LGBT) Friendly Child & In Home Care


999 Commercial Street
Palo Alto, California 94306

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