Deborah Morris, LCSW Mill Valley


LGBT+ • Psychotherapy • Voice Dialogue What Deborah brings to her work with people is clarity, humor, kindness and sensitivity along with seasoned practicality. She skillfully provides support and guidance to her clients and students for their desired growth and healing to occur. She listens with an unusual ability to hear what you are really saying in the give and take of a respectful, interactive and dynamic relationship. Her 35+ years of experience as a psycho-spiritual counselor, a licensed psychotherapist, and a Voice Dialogue facilitator, along with her developed intuitive ability, enables her to help people get underneath the surface to get to the essence of what actually needs attention to make a difference. Deborah offers her clients a useful framework, with a range of customized practices that generates new choices and lasting changes in awareness and behavior. Over the years, she has worked with individuals, couples, groups, classes, as well as other practitioners. In whatever context, an emphasis is placed on creating a safe environment in which learning, growing and healing is encouraged, along with the skills needed to sustain these gains. Her presence, compassion and humor consistently demonstrate how a grounded and gentle approach can catalyze profound transformation. Deborah offers a solid therapeutic - educational relationship in which to share her expertise to guide and assist individuals and couples in their unique journeys. Gay & Lesbian (LGBT) Friendly Psychotherapist


33 Millwood Street
Suite 8
Mill Valley, California 94951

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