Derrick M. Chan, DDS

Based on 34 Yelp Reviews
Based on 34 Reviews
415.221.9444 (fax)
500 Spruce Street, Suite 200 , Laurel Heights, San Francisco, California 94118, USA
Derrick M. Chan, DDS
Based on 34 Yelp Reviews
Based on 34 Reviews

Derrick M. Chan, DDS

415.221.9444 (fax)
500 Spruce Street, Suite 200 , Laurel Heights, San Francisco, California 94118, USA


Where Experience Meets Technology • Helping Families In Our Community Have Terrific Smiles
Our mission in dentistry is to have fun and make your dental experience as stress free as possible!

At the dental office of Derrick M. Chan, DDS, we take care in providing dental services that make your life better.

We provide the following procedures and more:
• Bilateral Mandibular Block
• Bite Soft & Occlusal Guards (Night Guards)
• Bleaching (at home & office)
• Bridges
• Composite Fillings
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Extractions
• Full & Partial Dentures (tooth replacement)
• Gold Crowns
• Implants
• Invisalign
• Porcelain Crowns
• Root Canals
• Periodontal Care (bone & gum replacement)
• Veneers (Lumineers)

General Dentistry San Francisco
Dentistry is more than just teeth cleaning and good dental health. It's a relationship between you and your dentist that builds on trust, integrity and even fun! We are committed to your overall health, dental hygiene and wellness. With every visit to our San Francisco dental office, whether it's for cleaning, restorative, or cosmetic procedures, you are treated respectfully.

With every visit you will have personal consulting from our dentist Dr. Chan. He has provided the greatest care and service in San Francisco for years. You can always trust our honesty and integrity; we are here for you. Come and see us for your next dental appointment for cleaning, tooth whitening, Invisalign, crown or whatever you may need. And as always, remember to brush and use dental floss daily! What kind of dentist would we be if we didn't remind you of that!

Cosmetic Dentistry San Francisco
Your smile is important. It can show affection, happiness and for some it's your favorite attribute. But beyond just charming good looks, your smile is crucial to your dental health. We are absolutely committed to your health, beauty and well-being, no matter what.

Our office helps hundreds of patients just like you. We can touch up your smile with bleaching, or perform a complete make-over with dazzling results. In the end, you get increased confidence, ease and health that everyone can see!

In our practice, we use the newest technology in Zoom, Invisalign, BioLase and even laser teeth whitening. What this means to you is the best service and results available at our conveniently located Clement Street office in San Francisco. You can always count on us to provide the greatest possible dental care and brightest teeth imaginable!

Give our office a call. We love improving oral care and beauty for all of our patients. We have been improving dental health for over 29 years and see no end in sight.

Preventive Dentistry
A lifetime of good health starts at infancy. That's why we believe in early prevention and intervention. It is important to form good habits and positive experiences at an early age.

Therefore prevention of dental problems is our main focus. We provide a customized preventative regimen and treatment plan based on your child's individual needs and risk factors.

Restorative Dentistry San Francisco
After 30 years of Dentistry in San Francisco we have seen it all. Crowns, bridges, chipped teeth, dentures and the list goes on and on. As with any dentist, we are committed to your overall health and well being, no matter where you have been or what has been done. And as always, your dental health is our number one priority.

So why restorative dentistry? Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body, and the number one defense against sickness, disease and chronic illness. That's why our office uses the latest technology for your dental health, safety and, of course, comfort. Some of the restorative procedures are difficult and time intensive. That's why we always incorporate the newest procedures to keep you comfortable and on the go.

Our new restorative procedures incorporate the newest techniques, implants and materials that San Francisco Dentistry has to offer. The result is increased dental health, full smiles, and relatively painless procedures. Never put off a trip to the dentist! Things only get worse over time.

Show Your Pride, Let Us Know You Found Us Through Pink Spots
Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQ) Friendly Dentist


Based on 34 Yelp Reviews
Based on 34 Reviews
January 17, 2018
I've had a history of bad experiences at the dentist, this was my first visit to Dr. Chan and I am actually looking forward to going back. The receptionist...
June 09, 2017
OK, I've had a lot of dental work in my life. And some of that has been with Dr. Chan, but no one has been as amazing as he has to me over the last 9 years....
April 12, 2017
Just had my annual checkup at Dr. Chan's office. Everyone is always so professional and considerate. Every single employee is friendly. My cleaning was...


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500 Spruce Street, Suite 200 , Laurel Heights, San Francisco, California 94118, USA
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