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Does your pet have a heart murmur?

by Dr Budd Arnott on

Murmurs in young animals are often congenital but the fact that this murmur was not heard previously may indicate that this is a developing condition. While somewhat subjective, an enlargement of the heart would warrant an investigation of the murmur... Read full article

2 Brides at Home

by SL Thomson on

Sometimes the perfect place for a wedding ceremony is right where you live. You have control and comfort with the extensive knowledge of the venue. If you forget something you don’t have to go all the way back home because... Well... you know. ... Read full article

San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band Declared the Official Band of San Francisco


On Tuesday, December 18, San Francisco Mayor London Breed signed into law an ordinance designating the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band (SFLGFB) the official band of the City and County of San Francisco.... Read full article

First Active-Duty Gay Couple Married at West Point

by David Brasher on

Is there anything hotter than two Army men getting married? ... Read full article

Beyond The Rainbow: Your Guide To LGBT Flags

by Samantha Manzella on

When the rainbow is not enough.... Read full article

London Artist Charity Kase Extends '100 Days of Drag' Challenge to a Full Year


"It better be worth it because I miss my fucking eyebrows."... Read full article

29 photos prove getting older doesn't mean getting less badass.

by Morgan Shoaff on

They're like glamour shots, but better.... Read full article

Why Are There Rainbows on the Tunnel Between S.F. and Marin?

by Jessica Placzek, Olivia Allen-Price and Ryan Levi on

Anyone who has driven between San Francisco and Marin on Highway 101 in the past half-century has made the journey underneath a rainbow, regardless of the weather.... Read full article

Gay Men Tend To Have Older Brothers. Here's Why


Scientists believe they may now know why gay men tend to have more older brothers.... Read full article