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OM Fertility offers a free 30 minute intial consultation

Our goal is to offer baseline fertility work ups and low intervention fertility services at an affordable cost. Let's make fertility services more accessible to more folks who need them. We will be providing patients with the education, knowledge, baseline fertility testing, option counseling, and IUI services at a fraction of the cost compared to the options that are currently available. 

When a person chooses to take the first step towards building a family, the process can very quickly become overwhelming, exhausting, and overall daunting. Many people may feel as though IVF is their only option or that there must be better options, they just might not know how to access them. Unfortunately, in most states, fertility services are not covered by insurance, and if insurance does cover the services, there are a series of steps that a person must go through in order to qualify for eligibility. These steps can cause unnecessary delays in treatment and may also cause emotional and psychological trauma along the way, especially for people of the queer community and folks seeking to be single parents. Our goal is to make the fertility journey feel less "medicalized" and more intimate. We hope to help all of our patients feel loved, supported, welcomed, and heard throughout their entire experience. 


Disha Mistri, NP

Founder of OM Fertility

(858) 833 - 8758


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