456 Tenth Street
Santa Rosa, California 95401

Calabi Gallery

456 Tenth Street
Santa Rosa, California 95401


Fine Art Gallery featuring an eclectic collection of antique, modern and contemporary artwork in all medias and styles. Calabi Gallery is committed to showing art that has the power to move people deeply.

GALLERY DIRECTOR: I have been a conservator and restorer of paintings for over 40 years. While spending countless hours dedicated to the physical preservation of artworks I have become very troubled by the fact that most worthwhile art is rarely seen and even more rarely understood. Our culture is all about name brands, “blue chips,” and fleeting experiences, whether we’re discussing fine art, film, books, music, or whatever. A few stars are anointed (some worthy, some not), and everyone else is relegated to the shadows. Well, I’m here to shine a light into some of my favorite “shadows” to try and make a small dent in the wall of ignorance. There’s so much great art out there, quietly waiting to enrich the lives of those who can pause for a moment to see and feel. – Dennis Kautsky Calabi

GALLERY MANAGER: Art has always been a very important part of my life. I graduated from Sonoma State University in 2009, with bachelors degrees in Art History and Art Studio (emphasis in printmaking), as well as a minor in Arts Management. During my studies at Sonoma State I interned at the University Art Gallery, and at the diRosa Preserve in Napa. Having the opportunity to work so closely with art was an amazing experience, which greatly heightened my enthusiasm and love for the arts. Art can touch the soul and change the world. It is incredible to have the opportunity to offer art to the world in such a unique environment where not only appreciation but education is encouraged. – Camille Marie Palmer

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December 11, 2011
Calabi Gallery is one in a million. In a sea of mediocre and soulless art pimps, this guy is an angel and a true patron. He has the most eclectic and...


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456 Tenth Street
Santa Rosa, California 95401
____________________________________________________ Between Mendocino Avenue and Healdsburg Avenue. Please be advised that Tenth Street is a ONE WAY STREET accessible only from Healdsburg Avenue/B Street, exiting onto Mendocino Avenue.
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