1220 University Ave
San Diego, California 92103

Gossip Grill

1220 University Ave
San Diego, California 92103


Hillcrest's new Gossip Grill (get it?) is a the lesbian hot-spot to eat-and-be-seen.

Southern California’s Best Womens Bar
We are proud to be Southern California’s only 7-days-a-week women’s bar. Since conception in 2009, Gossip Grill has turned into a favorite local hangout for girls, boys, and everything in between.

Notorious for being the girl’s home base, Gossip Grill plays nice with boys too! The perfect combination of ambiance and tastes will have you crawling back for more. Gossip is decked out with feminine inspired art, fabulous chandeliers and an outdoor patio bar that allows everyone to enjoy Hillcrest the way it was supposed to be enjoyed – in the San Diego sunshine. Pair that with modern American Comfort Food and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind five star women’s bar.


705 Reviews
February 06, 2020
Affordable, yummy dranks. Gimme that Long Island! Friendly bartender (shout out to our friendly fellow Oregonian turned SD resident). Neat place to...
January 16, 2020
"It's a lesbian bar". I overheard this marginalization regarding Gossip Grill from several people sitting across from me at another nearby restaurant....
December 02, 2019
I really don't like being microaggressed. Assuming I won't order enough to leave a tip for my server is elementary. It's 2019 do better. I spend all day...


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1220 University Ave
San Diego, California 92103
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