1603 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78704 USA

Revival Cycles

1603 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78704 USA


Bringing back the Motorcycles that matter.

Revival Cycles is the balance of passion and pragmatism. It is our belief that the motorcycle should be more than a machine; it is an aesthetic expression that demonstrates the beauty of purposeful form. It is not enough to simply have a mechanically adequate machine that ignores the visual form. To be truly remarkable requires something more: the seamless blending of visual design with technical excellence. When these elements come together with just the right mix, the result is as much fun to ride as it is to behold. We believe a motorcycle should thrill and excite even before the first crackling rumble of an open exhaust.

As the world perpetually spins faster and faster into the vortex of digitalization and virtualization, there is an increasingly present need to retain the connection to reality. At Revival we feel this is best achieved simply with a motor and two wheels. The cutting edge marvels of motorcycling technologies evolve at a rapid pace, but every layer of ride by wire and traction management is also another barrier between the rider and the machine. For this reason we stay focused on the basics even when using high-tech processes and materials. At no point is the rider experience sacrificed for the technology.

Achieving this balance is a delicate business and Revival Cycles understands this. Revival was founded by three specialists, each with decades of expertise. The combination of a formally trained Artist, Engineer, and Designer creates a team that pulls all the pieces into a precise equilibrium to produce remarkable machines. A lot of shops can fix your bike, we can help you get the most out of it.

Motorcycles are our passion, and we are here to support this passion in our fellow riders. It doesn’t matter what you ride, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a bike (yet). The only thing that matters is that you have passion for motorcycles. We are more than a repair shop, more than a custom shop and more than a place to get gear. We are a cultural center for motorcyclists.


1603 South Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78704 USA
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