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Divorce Mediation Resolve your divorce peacefully and respectfully with the support of a neutral mediator, who is there to guide you through the legal process and help you reach agreement. Collaborative Divorce The collaborative process allows you to resolve your divorce with the support of a skilled and experienced attorney, without the stress, cost, and heartache of a court battle. Consultation As consulting attorneys, we offer legal advice and counsel to parties working towards settlement in mediation, negotiations, and other settings. Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements When you and your partner want to clarify and establish your financial relationship, our mediators and attorneys are here to support you with compassion, skill, and experience. Co-Parenting & Adult Family Mediation As neutral mediators, we support co-parents navigating parenting issues, as well as adult family members experiencing conflict or disagreement. Show Your Pride, Let Us Know You Found Us Through Pink Spots Gay & Lesbian (LGBTQ) Friendly Divorce & Family Lawyer & Attorney


1000 Bridgeway
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Sausalito, California 94965

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1 Review
San Francisco
Amazing mediator

Suzan was a great help in my divorce. She made sure the process was balanced and efficient. Highly recommend!

March 2018

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